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Copper Plating Technology

CUPPA3#  Basic Cyanide Type Copper Plating Process

Product Title:CUPPA3# Basic Cyanide Type Copper Plating Process



Use and features

1. Bright and smooth coating, the crystallization of dense, small gap, good adhesion ;

2. Wide range of current density, excellent coverage;

3. Impurities in high-tolerance, easy to control;

4. Selected to used in basic parts of different material, especially for zinc alloy die castings;

Operating condition

                                                Zinc alloy     iron parts

Metal copperg/l)       32-46            35-50

Sodium cyanideg/l)    17-22             13-20

Sodium hydroxideg/l)   1-3                10-20

Neochel                                         30-50ml/L

CuppA3# L-3                                 5-7ml/L

CuppA3# L-4                                 5ml/L

temperature                            50-60℃          45-55℃

Proportion                                        1522Be0

Current density                             2-5AMP/DM2 

filtering                                              Continuous filtering

Supplymental methods:

CuppA3# L-3                                 100ml/K.A.H

CuppA3# L-4                                 300ml/K.A.H

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